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Diana Nightingale's

"Holiday On EarthTM

Diana Nightingale, author, international speaker, life coach, retreat leader, radio host and the widow of Earl Nightingale.
Sitting down one morning to make notes about thoughts she was having, she soon discovered that her notes were expanding into  what would become a powerful sequel to her husband's legendary message, The Strangest Secret.  Diana, called what she had written and recorded, "Holiday On Earth...Journey into Meaning."  The phrase, "holiday on earth . . .your journey into meaning", is a term, Earl Nightingale, often used to describe this limited lifetime we have here on Earth and how it's up to each of us to determine or choose the paths we take toward the destinations to which we wish to arrive, and how with thought and proper planning we may make our time here a journey with meaning; but to always realize that it is , we, who bring meaning to our lives and not anyone else.

In, Holiday On Earth, Diana Nightingale, takes Earl Nightingale's message to a new dimension showing how the Laws that govern and discipline the Universe are the same Laws that govern our individual lives and apply the "secrets of the Universe" to an everyday, practical understanding.

Released as a book with two parts - Holiday On Earth and The Strangest Secret, it is also available as an audio book on two CD's and narrated by both, Diana and Earl Nightingale.

Reviewed by critics as, "One of the most powerful books of our time".  "Holiday on Earth, is a must read and listen to message for changing the course of your life." 

Holiday On Earth audio book is an hour in length and available by this link- CLICK HERE 


     To the highest peaks

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Charting your... Journey Into MeaningTM