Diana and Earl Nightingale

The Nightingale Legacy

Diana Nightingale, an author, internationally recognized speaker, Life Facilitator, retreat leader and radio host; she holds a Doctorate Degree in Religious Studies and is a Stephen Minister.  She is most often recognized as the widow of Earl Nightingale. 

The Nightingale name has been recognized as  legend in the personal development world since 1956 when,  Earl Nightingale wrote and recorded a short message he called, "The Strangest Secret", a recording in which he reveals a strange secret, that isn't really a secret at all once you realize the truth of it; and it is simply that, "WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT."  The recording, while simple in truth, has sold and listened to by millions upon millions of people world-wide and has influenced positive change in those people's live than can be imagined.

During his lifetime, Earl Nightingale was recognized as the leading authority on how to live life successfully.  His recording was the seedling from which the personal development industry has grown, and today, Earl's words, thoughts and messages continue to be used over and over again by today's leading authorities in the self-help arena.

In addition to being a success mentor, Earl Nightingale enjoyed the longest, highest syndicated radio show of it's time.  "Our Changing World" was broadcast daily on stations across the USA and around the world, making him the world's most recognized radio voice and authority on how to journey safely this thing called, "life" through an every-changing world.

In 1987, Earl and Diana Nightingale formed, Keys Publishing, with their Mission Statement and Trademark - "Unlocking doors through education" with a desire to offer guidance to present and future generations on how best to make each, "holiday on earth" a "journey into meaning.

Earl Nightingale, passed away in 1989 and through the years, Diana Nightingale has continued the work they set in motion addressing audiences across the USA and over seas.  The writing and recording of, "Holiday on Earth" is the most profound summation of learning and teaching of the Nightingale messages since 1956.